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Most frequent questions and answers

A full-day trip starts in the diving center at 08:30 and you are back around 15:00.

The time for a half-day trip is the same as a full-day trip.

NO, In-between the 2 dives we make a coffee break on a beautiful island.
On the island is a coffee bar (konobar) with a toilet. Bring some small money with you if you like to drink a
coffee or something else.

Yes, when we have a nice group together and the weather conditions are on our side.
Just Dive Croatia are a few diving centers that have a concession to diving in the NP Kornati.
For the NP Kornati is an additional surcharge (fee) on the regular price.

When the boat is not full, then the NON-diver is welcome to come on board.

All our diving trips are always accompanied by a diving guide, who will give you a detailed briefing before
every dive.

We welcome all organizations that are recognized as recreational diving licenses.

Yes, we have 100% oxygen, a medic first aid kit, and an emergency plan on board.
Safety comes first.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, that calls Scuba Experiences.

Scuba Experiences is another word for an introduction dive.
People who do not have a scuba diving license can try an introduction dive.
For more information about the Scuba Experiences, press here.

That depends on, which diving course do you like to do.
On the price list page, you can find how long the diving course is.
Press here.

Yes, only if the association is recognized as a recreational diver.

Yes, but the best is doing a Scuba Experience first.

If you want to do a recreational diving course you need to have a medical statement signed by your
physician in the past 24 months. This is for your safety. Diving is generally not a dangerous sport, but if you
have any health issues then you might be putting yourself at risk. A physician needs to confirm that you have
no medical conditions incompatible with diving. It is possible to do get a medical statement from your house

EVO, is in fact, is a learning system. You can learn all your training modules add home in your own time and
speed. Then you do not need to learn it during your vacation. Then you and your scuba diving instructor
have more time for your practical skills.
EVO is available via Smartphone, Tablet, and PC.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our tanks have single DIN valves. Adapters from DIN to INT are available.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, we prefer cash, if you like to pay cash 30 meters from the diving center is an ATM.
Only the prices in Kuna are valid. The prices in Euro are informative. The price list 2021 is per person.


Most frequent questions and answers

No, what you can do is a scuba experience.
For more information about scuba experience press here: link

It's part of diving. Usually, the signature on the medical health questionnaire on-site is sufficient for us, If
your health and fitness condition is not restricted by any diseases If, for example, you take medication
regularly and from the age of 60, a medical certificate is required.

8 year. The maximum depth for an 8-year-old is 2 meters. When the person is older than 10 years
Then the maximum depth is 12 meters. But for safety reasons the scuba diving instructor does not take you
on this kind of depth.

Proposed diving location means. An anchoring or mooring position close by a scuba diving location.

The reason that we need this information is, that we can bring you the right size of scuba diving equipment.

The guests are going to get a half an hour safety briefing from a diving instructor, after that he or she is going
to do 3 exercises to get more comfortable in and under the sea. After the exercises, You‘ll make a slow
descent to the proper depth. During the dive, the instructor will ensure that you are completely at ease so
that you can fully enjoy your time underwater. 20-30 minutes you will start your ascent. Once you have
arrived at the surface, you‘ll know you went thru a unique experience.


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