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Rescue Diver

About the course:

The Scuba Rescue Diver course is one of the best ways of learning how to deal with diving emergencies. However, there are two other courses dedicated to rescuing in the PSS training system: First Aid – CPR and Oxygen in Diving Emergency. The first has general applications, while the second deals with the administration of normobaric oxygen to an injured diver. Therefore, these three courses are complementary and designed to deal with all the possible scenarios of any type of diving emergency.

Price: 2400kn / 340€

What are we going to do?

Day 1

On the first morning, we will meet at 08:30 AM in the diving center, your driving instructor will explain to you the concepts of the rescue diver course (theory modules 1 – 7. After your theory lessons, you make a 1-hour break, we will continue in the afternoon for 2 dives from our local bay around 1 PM. Before every dive, there will be a detailed briefing held by your instructor. Our diving professional will explain all exercises in detail.

Every day ends around 5 PM.

Day 2 

We will start again at 08:30 AM in the diving center. For another theory modules 8 – 12 in the morning. After the theory session, you make a 1-hour break and we continue again around 1 PM. For a nice2 dives in our diving bay.

Day 3

Starting from the diving center at 08:30 AM, you are going this time from our boat to make your first and second scenarios. On that day, there is going to happen something that we are not going to tell you and we are going to see how you react.

Between the 2 dives, we make a 1- hour break ( lunch is not included ).

At the end of the day, you are going to make a final theory exam.

Day 4 and 5

When you made a decision to continue for your Scuba Rescue Diver Plus. Then we add 2 days for your First Aid – CPR and Oxygen in a diving emergency.

What you need:

You need to make a reservation up to 3 days in advance. If you still want to dive last minute, you can always call.

A medical certificate must be completed prior to the dive. All questions must be answered with NO. If this is not the case, then it is advisable to contact us. A visit to the general practitioner may then be necessary. The medical Statement can be found below.

Click here for the Medical Statement

We teach in English, German, Dutch, Slovenian, and Croatian language.

Make a reservation:


Make a reservation

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