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Sailing & Diving 2022

December 1, 2021



Sailing and diving are ideal for passionate sailors, individuals, or groups who want to dive or try an introduction dive (scuba experiences) around our proposed diving sites. More information about our proposed diving sites is on jusdive-croatia.com.
If you want to dive in the national park Kornati you don’t have to pay the anchoring fee for that day.
The guests are going to get a half an hour safety briefing from a diving instructor, after that he or she is going to do 3 exercises to get more comfortable in and under the sea. About the scuba experience, nobody is going to dive allow.
You‘ll make a slow descent to the proper depth. During the dive, the instructor will ensure that you are completely at ease so that you can fully enjoy your time underwater. Because Just Dive Croatia allows only two people per instructor, he or she has plenty of time to make your dive as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. After 20-30 minutes you will start your ascent. Once you have arrived at the surface, you‘ll know you went thru a unique experience.

More information about Sailing & Diving you can find on our internet site: https://justdive-croatia.com/sailing-diving/ or write us a e-mail to: info@justdive-croatia.com

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