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November 24, 2021



The Scuba Experience program is not a certification course, but an introduction to diving. On completion, the participant is issued with a certificate of participation, but this has no validity as a diving qualification. However, if you enjoy the experience, you can continue onto the Scuba Diver course directly.
The Open Water Diver Course provides you the training and skills necessary to become an autonomous diver. If you have already attended the Scuba Diver Course… you’ve already got a head start and the training received during that course may count toward your open water certification!
The international certification you will attain enables you to dive with a buddy (without the requirement of being accompanied by a diving professional) to a maximum depth of 18 meters (60 feet).

Below the surface of the sea, there exists a different world that will make you want to live there forever. A world made up of thousands of sounds, colors, and countless millions of life forms. A world in which you will feel truly free, weightless, and relaxed.


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