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PSS EVO e-learning

April 29, 2021



from the most innovative diver training agency in the world!

EVO was indeed the EVOlution of dive training and was developed by the leadership at PSS to enhance and advance the learning process. In fact, PSS was the first training agency to introduce e-learning to diving in 2004 and the first to use the modern instructional concept of “flipped teaching”, using a fully automated eTraining system.

A favorite with students.
Thanks to its simplicity and versatility, EVO immediately becomes the system of study students prefer.

Manuals, quizzes, training videos and the possibility of interacting with the instructor are all available to students so they can study and prepare for the world of diving at any time or any place.

EVO, in fact, is the only study system will all training modules available via Smartphone, Tablet and PC.


Simplify the instructor’s task

After being the global pioneer for applying e-learning and using the “flipped teaching” method in diver training, PSS presents another revolution: a multi-purpose computer tool for those who have made their passion for diving a profession. Today the EVO system has now reached a superb and constantly rising level of quality: the evolution of evolution …

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