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Sailing & Diving 2022

You‘ll make a slow descent to the proper depth. During the dive, the instructor will ensure that you are completely at ……………

Nacionalni park Kornati

The Kornati archipelago of Croatia, also known as the Stomorski islands, is located in the northern part of Dalmatia, south from Zadar………

become a scuba diver

Stop the stress, relax, dive! Would you like to get closer to nature? There is just one way to do this: scuba diving is the way to go.


The genus Flabellina was established by John Edward Gray in 1833 with the type species Flabellina affinis and characterised by the cerata being arranged on peduncles and the rhinophores being annulate. Many species were added by subsequent authors. In 1981 the genus Coryphella was merged under the older ……….

Where is Biograd na Moru

commonly shortened to Biograd, is a town in northern Dalmatia, Croatia and is significant for being the former capital of the medieval Croatian Kingdom. Biograd is administratively part of Zadar County. It is located on the Adriatic Sea coast, overlooking the island of Pašman, on the road from Zadar and Sukošan ………

Like to know more about nitrox?

Have you ever wondered about those tanks with a yellow-green label on the back of divers, but never had a chance to chat with them about the difference between air and enriched air?
The benefits of diving with Nitrox and how to get your license? It is much easier ……..

Diving trip in May 2021

Rob contact me one day before in the evening and he asks me if it is possible to make 2 dive from the boat. I look for the weather and said no problem.

only what I needed is their first/last name and e-mail address. then I can send them a dive management link.

Dive management is a diving center program that all the divers …….

PSS EVO e-learning

EVO was indeed the EVOlution of dive training and was developed by the leadership at PSS to enhance and advance the learning process. In fact, PSS was the first training agency to introduce e-learning to diving in 2004 and the first to use the modern…

Beach cleaning

Diving center and club cleaned 20 cubic meters of waste from the seabed while cleaning the seabed along the waterfront in Biograd na Moru. Namely, they pulled the truck and car tires from the sea, the remains of fences and tables from terraces, metal structures, batteries, engine parts…

First Just Dive Croatia post

We are from Just Dive Croatia, the diving center existing from 2018. You are thinking, that is a young diving center with less experience but the people who are working by Just Dive Croatia worked already


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