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Diving trip in May 2021

svibanj 6, 2021



First, I like to thank Rob and Stephanie for the nice diving day at the beginning of May 2021.

Rob contact me one day before in the evening and he asks me if it is possible to make 2 dive from the boat. I look for the weather and said no problem.

only what I needed is their first/last name and e-mail address. then I can send them a dive management link.

Dive management is a diving center program that all the divers need to fill in. 

in the morning Rob and Stephanie were there. They get from me a diving center/boat briefing and we needed to do some paperwork.

They needed also to rent diving equipment from us. After fitting equipment, we made 2 very nice dives.

We made also a coffee break on one for the beautiful island what Croatia is offering.

Can we come to Croatia on holiday?

Yes, the people who are in the picture came from far away to have a nice holiday in Croatia. There is a will there’s away.



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