People have long traveled across the seas and oceans. But they did not even know that someday  underwater depth will become available. In the 20th century this became possible thanks to the talent and boundless love for the ocean of Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

It was he who created the aqualung-apparatus, which allowed us to see all the splendor of hidden under the thickness of water in the world. Opening the diving people could enjoy the mystery and beauty of the seas and oceans. Thanks to diving each regardless of age, can feel the inexpressible feelings of freedom and weightlessness. Dive center awaits all who dream to conquer the underwater depths. We'll introduce you to sea creatures and mysteries of history, that keeps the sea.

Diving is a way of discovering the underwater world, that wonderfully combines new experiences, aesthetic (and not only) pleasure, romance of travel, self-discovery, and of course - endless fun. It is a style. And we want to share this style with you.

Our сlub offers: diving training and spearfishing according to best world systems, traveling around the world, training on underwater photo and video shooting, movie nights and outdoor events, a wide range of dive gear, warm and professional approach to each and every diver, hot club tea and our hospitality.


We are a group of professionals, enthusiasts, which has a long time experience in the diving and has experience in dive training of not one hundred pupils.


Diver training is conducted on the new equipment from leading manufacturers for scuba diving and spearfishing. New wetsuits, reliable and proven equipment ensures security.


Our main principle is an individual approach and attention to our guests. High quality and safety of services is achieved because the сlub employs qualified specialists.