The Advanced Open Water Diver course represents the second level of training, thanks to which you will learn to manage some special activities such as exploring deeper and navigating with and without a compass. You may also learn to search and salvage objects, dive in a current, dive on wrecks, in conditions of poor visibility, or at night. The international certification you will attain certifies you to dive, with a dive buddy, to a depth of 30 meters (100 feet).

Minimum age           : 12 years

Days                              : 2 days

Open water dives  : 5

A medical certificate must be completed prior to the dive. All questions must be answered with NO. If this is not the case, then it is advisable to contact us. A visit to the general practitioner may then be necessary. The medical Statement can be found below.

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Medical Statement

The Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) course is the best way to learn more about diving under guidance of an instructor. The AOWD course includes 5 dives from are house bay / boat with the focus on Deep diving, Peak performance buoyancy, Navigation, Search and recovery and Nitrox diving as well as attendant theory sessions.

The positive thing of a Advanced Open Water Diver you do not need to make a final theory  exam :-)  

We teach in English, German, Dutch, Slovenian and Croatian language.